2011 CSA Newsletter, Week 9 – The Apex!

Lots and Lots of produce this week, I hope you can take it all it and do your best to cook and eat it.

New this week is Sweet Corn, from the Olathe fields of Austin Family Farms – I think you will agree its delicious! We will have more corn over the next few weeks.

Also new this week – Artichokes! These are a smaller variety than what you get int he super market. Steam until the the choke falls away if you list it up from a leaf (30-40 min). Most of these have little or no ‘hairs’ in the middle heart area to avoid. Enjoy these rare treats, we should have them again at least once or twice!

Also new this week – parsley and chives; we rotate the herbs each week for you to enjoy all the flavors of the garden – if you cant use something up, remember that drying is usually a good option! we will have more of these herbs again, plus thyme, oregano and some other surprises.

Where are the tomatoes? Thats what everyone wants to know! We have a relatively small tomato crop this year, but once it starts coming in we should have plenty for the CSA boxes – we have started to see a few ripe tomatoes, expect them in your boxes in a few weeks. In the mean time, use all the money you saved on produce by joining a CSA this summer to go down to your local farmers market and buy some local tomatoes!

In The Box

Pearl Onions
 –  yum
Squash, summer 
Baby Salad Mix – still more coming
Beans – green, yellow, purple
Kale & Swiss Chard –  we will take a break again soon
Onions – big ones, fresh and delicious
Broccoli – A bit more
Beets – new crop, a bit
Eggplant – some members
Peppers – several varieties coming in

Fruit this week, the earliest apples – pristine, and the first peaches from the valley – from First Fruits in Paonia.

The Farm in Pictures

Here are some recent shots! Click any image to enlarge. Panoramas below.


[iframe frameborder=”0″ src=”http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=b01568ff-700b-4def-aeb9-6df90cd6c9b8&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false” width=”500″ height=”300″]

[iframe frameborder=”0″ src=”http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=55a33cfc-a3c5-4779-ab14-a9eadee79c63&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false” width=”500″ height=”300″]

[iframe frameborder=”0″ src=”http://photosynth.net/embed.aspx?cid=efb1c833-50f2-400d-a3b8-3e5e5c058c0a&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false” width=”500″ height=”300″]

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